30 May 2007


paycage isnt very unique as it is a ppc(pay per click), but then again it is quite a good money earner. if you want to sign up then
http://paycage.shiftcode.com/members/register.php?ref=mattm00000/">you can sign up here... they have banners on the homepage which increase hits to your own sites, blogs etc, and always help for the advertising.
you can be paid by unlimited methods which is one of the reasons i favour paycage to many other sites. im getting check, but there is paypal, and other exciting numerous ways.the way you make money from this site is similar to treasure trooper, as you have to sign up for offers, but isnt presented as nicely.overall i really enjoy going onto sites like this and using alternative emails to get the offers, therefore i dont get spam, and its all good:)
well happy money making
regards matt

19 May 2007

second life

did you know that people actually get payed for playing games!! the game is called second life, and its like a 3d second life quite bizzarly.what it basically does is sets up a 3d world for you, and you can basically do what you please in it.

you can accumulate money like real life in this game, also ways that are not like real life. the currency in second life is called linden dollars. you can actually transfer this money into real life money, into your bank or paypal.(dollars)

some people actually make a LIVING off this game, but mostly people just play for fun and to make a residual income.

An Article in September 2006 Popular Science magazine said that that Second Life has a GDP of $64 Million (in real dollars!)

these things are planted in places such as casinos and shopping malls. they dont stay there for long, but they have about $10 a day for you to get. a quicker way is to go camping(below)

this way is great to make money.you just sit in camping chair normally at casinos and clubs and make 4 – 6 L$ every 20 minutes on average.quite often you need to be a member of a group, but you can add yourself(go to search groups then add yourself)

there is a problem with this method though. if you stay idle for 20 minutes it will normally log you out. so you are thinking that you need to have a solution to this problem?
well someone has made a solution!a person has made a script to make second life think you are active when you are actually not.to recap you go to the chair, run the script then in real life you can go to bed/work whatever and can be earning money while you do this.a script like this is called "antiAFK HUD", and if you want a copy of this script, then send a second life IM (instant message) to Phoenix Utorid and he will be happy with helping you on optaining this script for free!!

when you camp in this way, the best thing to do is to check the payout. if you are going to be camping for hours, then a maxium hourly rate is going to be better than an hour one.

you will not make a fortune using the camping method, but you can invest the money into other activities which will have a better chance of making you even more money!!

i hope you enjoy this information, and please sign my guestbook( down the left hand side is a link, and please leave feedback on this site)
regards matt

treasure trooper

treasure trooper have just emailed me stating that my account was inactive and they can see that members from the UK are having to wade through loads of US cash offers. if you sign up in the UK, then there is only UK offers, and most of them are easy. you can get checks sent to the UK, in dollars, but banks exchange the money from a rate which fluctuates over the days.
you can get different amounts of money by different things now. for example you can buy pieces of a map and then can search for a prize which is normally about 100 dollars.

another cool feature that i found is the trading hut, where you can exchange coins and things for different items. you can even get an xbox 360 for 300 platinum coins.

16 May 2007


if you want to visit some good sites, then there are about 5 cool links at the top that you should visit.they are all useful, and a very good source of programs and just stuff to make money.also if you are visiting my site, please can you comment a post as i really need more comments
thank you so much
regards matt

15 May 2007

making money with casino's

hi again, this time i am going to inform you about how to make money guaranteed with a casino. this is the casino link this casino is 100% full proof and you should seriously have a look at it.this system is using a roulette table, and is very fun aswell as a good money making source. i have used this system and in a week made about $200 and i was only on it for about 20 mins every night. have a look at it, and if you read it and follow it step by step, then you will earn money through the casino system. thank-you for reading and please look at some of my links at the top of the page, and comment on this and other posts.

regards matt

12 May 2007

affiliate program and affiliate marketing

affiliate program:
an affiliate program is a program in which an affiliate sells a product for a company and gains commisions from it.an affiliate program are what can define the difference between people who really wish to make money from the internet and those who dont.an example of an affiliate program is:bigclique
"BigClique is a dedicated organic search engine with its own database of spidered sites. Earn up to 60% of click revenue or 10% of advertisers' initial deposit (up to $1000) with 6% on any additional deposits ensuring recurring revenue."

affiliate marketing:
Affiliate marketing is a method of promoting web businesses in which an affiliate (you) is rewarded for every visitor,subscriber, customer, or sales, based upon his/her efforts.
there are so many amazing affiliate marketing programs that i couldnt choose one for you to have a look at.

i have an ebook on affiliate marketing.you will learn how to be a master on the subject aswell.

""Grab "Become A Master Affiliate Marketer" Now for only $47.00""
this is what tradebit.com sell the ebook for, and im giving it away free for all of you people who read my blog. i will add more ebooks if requested.
thanks for reading and comment me. also you can visit my forum at:http://mattm00000.forumer.com


you would have seen adwords in action before, they are the text ads that appear on the right of google search results.they are an amazingly powerful method of advertising.the ads you see are 100%related to the keywords you search for.this means that through adwords you can promote your product, and you know they are interested in it, as they have searched for your keywords.there hasnt been any way for advertiser to put their ads in a highly targeted manner such as this.

if your company rented holiday properties in portrugal then you could make your ads appear when they ONLY clicked the keywords: "portrugal, portragese, holiday, rentals, villas, apartments, etc..."

of course this comes at a price. as being an advertiser, you have to pay google everytime someone clicks one of your ads.not knowing how to cost their system, the people at google made advertisers bid against each other for the value of their chosen keywords.

the internet has moved on an era since adwords and ppc have been introducted. they make the world seem a place where you can get anything just by searching words on a search engine.

10 May 2007

my forum for all of YOU

hi, i have recently made a forum for eveyone who reads this blog. at the moment i have hardly any posts, but thats where you come in, and you share experiences, or just chat to new people or friends. the site is: http://mattm00000.7.forumer.com/ also i have quite a few different areas of chat that you may be interested in.
if you want to be a moderator, then post 10 or more comments and ask me and i will see what i can do. if you want you can be a moderator for a certain area then ask for which one and i will most probably allow it.
i would really appreciate it if you sign up and get your friends to aswell.

i thought it was a good idea to make this forum as then you dont have to talk to people using comments and makes you have a better experience.
well just go and have a look

9 May 2007


one of the best ways to use a website or blog to get money is called google adsense. basically you sign up, then you put some google ads, or a search bar or a refferal link on your blog/website/personal space and when people click these, you get a certain amount of money. as you may or may not have seen, i have ads on the top of my blog and everytime someone clicks the,, i get money.you do not have to create these ads, google makes them for you, then you choose the border colour, text colour etc... obviously the more traffic you have coming to your site, the more people are likely to click these(and a tip is to make them blend into you backround as i have done above)this site delivers LOADS of cash and is a 5star if you have a website or any internet site you can customise to fit html in.
google makes it easy for you to add these to your site, and have an adsense blog to help you with step by step guides.

this video shows how to set up adsense.comment me if you need more info, and feel free to sign up at the link at the bottom of the screen

money saving expert

name: money saving expert
url: http://moneysavingexpert.com/

money saving expert is a perfect website for every aspect of money, and was made by martin lewis is a money guru. he has been on tv, and on radio for his work. he is verty successful and made a site to help people. this site covers EVERY aspect of money including credit cards and savings & investments to his forums. his forums have become very handy for me as other people give advice and post good websites. there are forums such as the argos, and freebies. i suggest you have a browse through this site as it is a very good money saver hence the name of it.thanks for reading and remember to post a comment to help me improve the site, or just if u wanna chat bout mse(money saving expert)

8 May 2007


name: agloco
url: http://www.agloco.com

'agloco a global community'
apparently all you do is sign up, then download the viewbar software.

you can make money in a few ways with them:

when you use the viewbar to search something you get money for example google pays a maximum of $0.10 for each search that is directed to its search engine.

the viewbar shows an ad when you are on a website relevant to the content and when you make a purchase agloco recieves a refferal id which they pass on to members.(you)

transaction commisions
many retailers pay commisions when you refer customers to purchase something, and agloco collects that and passes it on to its members(the bigger the community the better pay.)

service distibution
many online companys will turn to agloco to find people to use their services.

product distribution
when you use a product for example mobile/cell phones agloco can collect service fees which can lead to you making money

basically there are refferals, commissions, viewbar and a part of the company
i hope this information helps you, and leave a comment to help us improve the site and to talk to other users of this site

survey sites that pay money!!

there are things called survey sites, which you fill out surveys and they pay you!!! seem unreliable well they are actually a good source of money. i have personally used juicybrain and taketheinternetback.

url: http://www.juicybrainspanel.com
facts: this site is brightly coloured and easy to use. i have used this site for a while now, and they pay quite fairly.when you join they pay you a starting bonus of £1 then you are off!! they send you surveys once in a while and if you qualify it takes about 10-20 mins normally to fill out the forms. if you dont qualify, then they credit your account with 25p so you gain!! the only problem is that they only send you amazon codes when you get to £5 or £10.if you have an amazon account then this is for you as you can get a good wad off your next purchase.also you have to request the payment as it DOES NOT GET SENT AUTOMATICALLY.

facts: this site says that you own a slice of their internet company and you get a $10 bonus sign up present.what they do is send you emails(at least one a day) then you just click a confirmation link at the bottom of the email. then all of the clicks will accumulate and at the end of the week a certain amount of money will be added to your $10. this depends on how many emails you have read.also you can refer people to it, and you get points from them aswell, so its a win win situation really. well have a look at this site and their long list of explaining how the site works.

underneath i have the 4 top tips to doing survey sites

To maximize your profits from these surveys, you should do the following:
1. Open an email account that you will only use for the survey sites.
2. Answer all the surveys they send you. This will give them a bigger picture of what to send you in the future
3. Open a paypal account. easier to recieve payment!
4. Check your email account quite frequently. some of these offers end quite quickly, therefore you will have to get in and do the survey quickly.

7 May 2007

Treasure trooper

this site it only for the us(i think), but i have had REALLY GOOD feedback about this site from people.

weedy: "I just got paid 234.84. And allready back up to 11 dollars it's an awesome way to make cash, i wouldnt recomend it as your job though"

boombastic: "I've been paid hundreds, and have just over $100 still due. I send out emails to my referals with the best offers, tips on getting more referals, videos, tutorials, and the like."

silver tamarin: "I've made a total of $183.91 with a spendage of less that $20"

bukujutsu: "I've already made $37.25 this month and I've hardly done a thing, it's pretty easy once you understand the basics"

these are some of the many people i have found to like this site. i havnt come accross anyone that doesnt like it!! i will now show you how to make the money using this site with the basics


1) register by providing your name, email address, password, and payment information. You will receive a confirmation email shortly after.

2) Complete some offers. Most of them are free trials with payouts ranging anywhere from 5 to 50 dollars! Once you've completed an offer, click the button next to it to indicate its completion. The offer will then be added to your 'My Pending Offers' page to await verification.

3) As offers are verified, they are removed from the 'My Pending Offers' page, and the money will be added to your 'My Treasure' page. Along with the money, you will receive gold coins which you can redeem at the trading hut for cool treasures, maps, and more.

4) On the 15th-20th of each month, we will send your payment if you have earned a minimum of 20 dollars by the last day of the previous month.

5) Refer your friends to TreasureTrooper.com and get 20 percent of whatever they make for life! In addition, you'll get 5 percent of anybody that your friends refer. You can literally make hundreds of dollars this way!

6) Go on treasure hunts for real cash and prizes. Current treasure hunt is for the lost statue of the Mambiko tribe and is worth $100 in real money to anybody who finds it. There is no limit to the amount of people that can find this treasure!

one of the tips that most people miss out on is the refferals link. they think this is a waste of time just because it takes to know people to get them to join. but everyone has friends,and the refferals do make quite a little bit of cash.there are competitions etc to have fun with and a very fun site.

with all these tips in mind you can go on to make quite a substantial amount of money. the website to sign up on is:
and go to register to sign up.
i hope you enjoy treasure trooper as much as all of the people i have seen, and happy money making!!

also i found this video which explains some of the basic points i have mentioned, but shows you how!


stocktube is a very handy site when it comes to making money from blogs. i went onto it to find something new, and found some very intersting things about the site and its layout.

  • when you hover over a link, it comes up with a pictures
  • its very indepth and detailed
  • has pictures to help you understand
  • has a reply section at the bottom which is always handy
  • it has ALOT of article

all of these points have led me to go on and join the payperpost scheme, and the website helped me make the decision on whether i should or not. it was detailed and showed me what to do on the site, and how to do it, so i would give this site a 5 start rating and you should have a look at it and check out whether you like it or not.


free ipod,psp,ps3,ds lite!!!

well i found this video on youtube about how to get these items free, and this site isnt like any other that i have visited.basically watch the video and make your own assumptions on whether it works or not.the whole idea is to reffer people or other things to get credits. once you have the right amount of credits, they ship your item. i know there are alot of scams around on how to get free items, but apparently this one actually works!!! if anyone tries this, then be sure to tell me as i can use you as an example in a future post on who it worked for. also tell me if it doesnt so we can weigh up the argument. well the video is here, watch and i hope you get some free items!!

The website is called www.xpango.com. the refferal id is 90055440
enjoy the video, and your new pathway to a free console/ipod

video is at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZoftY2V3dQ

6 May 2007


usercash is a website which earns you money through people clicking links you have made. for example if you want to send someone a link, but want to get payed for it, then use the link generator which converts the url to a paying one.

this site is really handy and very good for making a bit of extra cash whenever you need it.i have been using this site for about a month now, and there are no flaws apart from it takes a while to accumulate the money.this site even gives you a 'blog' which is actually a gallery where you can post pictures. when you have posted these, if they have over 19 pictures in a gallery, they will go onto a server where you can get people to click them. this is the easiest way to make money out of them.you can get the pictures from any site, and there is a howto/tips section to make sure you understand how everything works.

if you are interested in joining then i will give you my refferal id, and i can post comments if you get stuck, and i know the whole interface so you will understand everything thoroughly.

my refferal id is: http://www.usercash.com/?r=20958 and i hope to talk to you soon.